How to Infaq?

Please follow the instructions below to start infaq in AmalJariah.Net

  1. You can click “Shop” menu to choose beneficiary and category you want.
  2. You also can select any category to start infaq
  3. New Infaq requested item is the latest request from our beneficiary. 
AmalJariah.Net Homepages

If you choose to click “Shop” menu, you will be redirect to here (see picture below)

AmalJariah.Net Shop Pages
  1. As you can see, you can infaq by selecting any category you want.
  2. This is the beneficiary registered with us. You also can select infaq by beneficiary.
  3. The list of item requested by random beneficiary.

But if you select Infaq by Categories or New Infaq Requested, you will redirect to item descriptions, price and details. (See picture below)

AmalJariah.Net Product Full Details Pages
  1. You can add the item to [email protected] more
  2. Click ADD TO CART when you ready to pay the item.

You will be redirect to CART pages to confirm your item order. (See picture below)

AmalJariah.Net Cart Pages
  1. Click the button PROCEED TO CHECKOUT after you have confirmed the total of item & amount to pay.

You will redirect to checkout pages to key in your billing details and choose payment method. (See picture below)

AmalJariah.Net Checkout Pages
  1. Enter your billing details completely
  2. Choose your payment method
  3. Tick the agree to the website terms and conditions
  4. Click the button PROCEED TO …. to pay using your chosen payment method.

You will be redirect to payment gateway pages (PayPal for credit & debit card, Billplz for Online local banking transfer). After you have make a payment, you will be redirect to our thank you pages and receipt pages.

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