How it Works?

Our website will allow any valid organizations to register themselves as beneficiaries, together with the items they require. A beneficiary, either an orphanage, religious school or madrasah, must be licensed by State Religious Affairs Depatments (JAIN), Malaysia Welfare Department (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat) or Malaysia Religous Affairs Department (JAKIM).

Any supplier of products (to be pre-approved by us) will also need to register themselves in this website and specify the product price, with bulk discounts if any. The prices that includes delivery and other charges.

A donor, anyone who wishes to perform amal jariah through donation, infaq or wakaf, can select thebeneficiaries by stating specifically who you want to donate to and what items you want to donate, as per items required by the beneficiaries.

The donors will be able to track the status of delivery online and they will be informed as soon as the products they donated are received by the beneficiaries. All payments are made online by the donors, directly to the supplier through the website management company, who will monitor the deliveries of the products and the performance of each supplier.

Eventually, every supplier in this website will be rated according to their delivery performance and quality of products.

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