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A platform where donors meet the requests from beneficiaries by selecting the items available, make payment for the items and leave instructions for the supplier to deliver to beneficiaries, all done online via their smart phones, tab or personal computers.

“The above hands are better than the lower hand. The hands above are the ones who give and the hands below are the ones who ask. ”
(HR. Bukhari no.1429, Muslim no.1033)

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“Indeed Allah Ta’ala is Giving, He loves generosity and noble character, He hates bad manners.”
(HR. Al Baihaqi, shahih Al Albani in Shahihul Jami’, 1744) 

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“Sadaqah (alms) can remove sin like water extinguishes fire.”
(HR. Tirmidzi, shahih Al Albani in Shahih At Tirmidzi, 614)

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